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Business email service with best in class virus and spam protection.


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Protect Your Business with Anti-Virus Email

A computer virus is a program that spreads itself by infecting other computers, often through email. Eliminate the threat of viruses from your users' in-boxes with a reliable and secure business-class email service.


HyperOffice Anti-Virus Email Features

HyperOffice employs powerful, industry-leading anti-virus protection that keeps your email inbox clean and your computers virus-free.

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  • Quarantine Email Folder: HyperOffice isolates any virus-infected email in a special quarantine folder.
  • Daily Anti-Virus Email Protection: Uses smart technology to detect emergent worms and other new threats without waiting for updates. We update our virus libraries daily. 
  • Comprehensive Anti-Virus Scanning: Checks incoming and outgoing email attachments for viruses. Automatically removes viruses, Trojan horses, and worms as well as most "phishing" attacks, HTML spoofs, and other scams, blocking or quarantining them before they infect your system. 

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