A Web Browser is All You Need to Access Databases Online!

Most database tools like MS Access or SQL database tools trap your data in the silo of the local computer or the local network. Today’s competition necessitates the ability to access, organize and share data whereever you are. HyperBase’s online database management lets you easily set up unlimited customized databases which you can access and manage online from any internet connected PC or Mac.

Without any expertise whatsoever, you can create customized fields and databases according to your work flow, collect information through easy to create online forms, and get the information you want through simple reporting, querying and sorting.  There are no expensive database serversto set up, no database software to download and maintain. Just sign up and get started!

The Possibilities of Online Database Access

Enable yourself and employees to access and share databases online on any cloud connected computer.

Simplify data collection with easy to do online forms for customer data, sales reporting, partner applications or any other!

Keep at hand the data you want in exactly the shape you want it with online querying, reporting and sorting

Empower subject matter experts by allowing them to easily set up unlimited online databases without any programming or database adminsitration and management expertise.

Features and Benefits of Online Database Managemen

Completely Hosted

 It is completely cloud based. No database servers, no database software. Just sign up online and get started. Thats the beauty of web database!

Access Online Anywhere, Anytime

Access and manage your web database from anywhere in the world on any internet connected PC or Mac.

Unlimited Tailored Databases

Create custom fields and databases according your company’s need and workflow, without any database expertise.

Standard Templates. Alternatively

in addition to the ability to customize databases, use our intuitive pre built database templates.

I don't have to be reliant on where I live and where my clients might be. I want everything to be virtual in its utmost definition. HyperOffice has given me what I wanted to accomplish.

Dona KrebsFounder, VA Synergy
Online Forms and Applications

 Simplify data collection and colation with easy to set up online forms and applications to collect data from partners, customers and employees.

Microsoft Access Alternative

Get all the benefits of traditional solutions, but packaged for non experts and accessible from anywhere in the world!

Reporting, Querying, Sorting, Filtering

Get the data you want in the exact shape you want with easy reporting, querying, sorting and filtering rules. 

Import and Export Data

Save time by importing and exporting data to your databases with simple clicks.

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